Whitening Package whitening face cream + body lotion + Body Wash

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Product Overview

This luxury package from Pure Beauty contains:

1-Pure Beauty Whitening Face Cream with SPF 15 50g:

The cream naturally and safely lightens the skin thanks to the natural extracts of the Chilean tree.
Helps remove freckles, age spots, pigmentation, and blemishes.
It includes a natural formula that is compatible with sensitive facial skin and is gentle on the skin.
It provides SPF 15.
Rich in glycerine, which keeps skin moisture
How to use: Apply a thin layer of cream to the required place twice daily to get light and bright skin.

2-pure beauty whitening body lotion 330 ml:

Lightens skin naturally and safely thanks to the Chilean tree's natural extracts.
Helps prevent dark spots from appearing.
Locks in moisture inside the skin, making it smooth.
Rich in Vitamin E and Argan Oil that leaves the skin with unprecedented freshness and smoothness.
Corrects and unifies skin tone and sun discoloration.

How to use: Apply a good amount on the body every day to get clear, luminous skin.

3- pure beauty whitening shower gel 330 ml:

It gently lightens the skin.
It revitalizes the body, cleans it and gives it a feeling of recovery.
Enriched with seaweed and sedge.
Enriched with skin-sterilizing chamomile flower extract.
The pH level is neutralized to maintain the skin's protective layer.
How to use: Use shower gel on a damp body to get a lather, then rinse well with water