Valblu Italy Stem Cell technology Vitamin C Plus - for face , 100 ml

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Val blu

Product Overview

•Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
•Evens out the skin tone and improves skin texture.
•Fights discoloration
•Boosts collagen production , Makes skin look more plump.

•Ammonium and Sodium Lactate
    keratolytic effect  ,  removes  dead skin layer .
 •4 humectant ingredients
   Hydrate , Sooth , Calm your Skin.
•Vitamin C
         (Citrus medica limonum , Ascorbyl palmitate , Sodium ascorbyl phosphate)
   Reduce Fine lines and Lightening properties
•Stem Cells
    Stimulate your Skin to rejuvenate  , look younger and youthful 
•Tonic Ingredients  ( Geraniol, Eugenol )
    Skin Nourishment.
•UV Absorber
    Protect your Skin from Harmful sunrays