Valblu Italy Stem Cell technology Make Up Remover with Tonic - For Face 500 ml

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Val blu

Product Overview

Enriched with plant stem cells for brilliant and brighter skin, gently and effectively eliminates all traces of cleanser and makeup residue giving the feeling of a fresh clean skin.
Not Just a Makeup removal 

Remove  dead skin layer

 (Ammonium and Sodium Lactate )

Stimulate your Skin to rejuvenate to look younger and youthful  (Stem Cells)

Hydrate , Sooth , Calm your Skin

               ( More than 14 emollient ingredients )

Vitalize , Nourish your Skin

(Panax ginseng root extract , Eugenol , Vit. C , Vit.E )

Protect your Skin from Harmful sunrays

( 2 UV Absorber )

How to use :
Apply appropriate amount with a cotton swab or massage directly with your fingertips until completely absorbed. Preferred to be used at night time.