Uriage Depiderm Creme Mains 50ml

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يورياج كريم لليد للبشرة الجافة و المتضررة,كريم إصلاح وترطيب اليدين,يورياج كريم لليدين مفتح لليدين

Product Overview

Uriage Whitening Hand Cream 50ml

You can now use Uriage Whitening Hand Cream 50ml. This hand whitening cream is a protector from the sun’s rays. It has also been classified as the first sunscreen used by many women and girls. You can get this product through us at Sidalih.com store, which is one of the best stores for biting and selling products Personal care and skin care from Uriage, as it corrects dark spots, lightens dark spots and makes them soft with a wonderful texture, especially the hands, feet, elbow and elbows.

Features of Uriage Whitening Hand Cream 50ml

  • Nourishing and protective cream
  • Protection from the sun and harmful rays
  • Corrects brown spots and prevents their appearance.
  • Its light and silky texture leaves a velvety feel on the skin.
  • Hands are left soft, supple and rebalanced.

Why correct brown spots?

The cream corrects the skin when you apply it and keep it on, thanks to Complex Cx, a highly concentrated solution containing 20% ​​anti-brown spot, soothing and antioxidant active ingredients, [Pea extracts, sucrose, vitamin C, Uriage Thermal Water, Enoxolone], corrects brown spots And evens the pigmentation of the hands.

Why prevents the appearance of brown spots?

The treatment of brown spots thanks to the filter system SPF 15 UV, this cream prevents the appearance of brown spots on the hands every day.

How to use

Apply daily to the hands. Reapply during the day as often as necessary.