Strepsils Extra Blackcurrant Lozenges 24 Pcs

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Product Overview

Strepsils Lozenges, Your First Aid For Sore Throat.

Powerful Sore Throat Relief That Lasts
Sore Throats Can Be Painful, Irritating, And In Need Of Fast Relief. Nothing Works Better To Relieve Sore Throat Pain Than Strepsils Lozenges. Strepsils Lozenges Contain Dual Anti-Bacterial Action That Provides Instant And Long Lasting Sore Throat Relief.

Is Throat Pain Sharper Than Normal? For Sharper Pain Associated With A Medium To More Troublesome Sore Throat, Strepsils Blackcurrant Extra Contains Hexylresorcinol, Which Has Anaesthetic Properties That Numb Throat Pain.
• Blackcurrant.
• Extra Hexylresorcinol.
• Double Action: Anaesthetic And Antiseptic.
• Sore Throat.
• Sore Mouth.

How To Use:

For Adults And Children Of 6 Years And Above: Dissolve 1 Lozenge Slowly In The Mouth Every 3 Hours.
Do Not Give To Children Under 6 Years Of Age.

Warning And Cautions:

• Keep Out Of The Reach Of Children.
• Store Below 25ºC.
• Do Not Take More Than 12 Lozenges In 24 Hours.
• If You Are Pregnant Or Breastfeeding Consult Your Doctor.

Do Not Take If:
• You Are Allergic To Aspirin Or Any Of The Listed Ingredients.
• You Are Intolerant To Carbohydrate.


Each Lozenge Contains Approximatly: Hexylresorcinol 2.4mg, Levomenthol 5mg, Blackcurrant Flavour 12mg.