Soskin Intense Clarifying Serum 30ml

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Product Overview

Soskin lightening and purifying serum from pigmentation 30ml

Many people suffer from tan, dark spots, tan, various skin pigmentations and melasma, and due to the intense search for the best pigmentation cream, Soskin company provided us with the solution, which is Soskin Cream, a serum to lighten and purify the skin from pigmentation. This serum mixes with two powerful active ingredients. It contains arbutine and kojic acid that improve skin pigmentation and prevent the appearance of dark spots. They work together to obtain optimal results in the depths of the cells that produce / thicken melanin, as you can get it through the pharmacy com store, which contains various Soskin brand products for body and skin care.

Benefits of Soskin Cream for pigmentation

  • Soskin cream prevents the localized accumulation of pigment (melanin) on the skin of the face, chest and hands.
  • Soskin Cream for pigmentation reduces the severity of brown spots and difficult skin pigmentation.
  • The spots do not return again after using the cream from Soskin
  • It treats all areas affected by hyperpigmentation, weakening and becoming soft to the touch.

How to use Soskin cream for skin pigmentation

  • It is used by placing the appropriate amount of the package on the place to be treated.
  • Then massage with your fingers gently and gently on the area, as it has a soft texture that can be distributed anywhere.
  • After 4 or 5 weeks of continuous use, the skin becomes clearer and more even.

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