Snow white milky pack 200 ml

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Snow White

Product Overview

Large Volume Enables You To Use From Face To Whole Body Line.

Contains Niacin Amide.

Cream Type That Is Moisturizing And Absorbed Without Greasy. Won’t Get Smeared On Cloth.

Keeps For The Maximum 10 Hours With Just One Use.

Non-Colors, Non-Mineral Oil, Non-Benzo Phenone, Non-Phenoxyethanol, And Non-Animal Oil.

Niacinamide ContainedNatural Looking Brightening Effect From Face To BodyJust Apply And Wash Out And Whitening Pack Will Brighten You Complexion. Its Quick Absorption Will Not Make It Rub Off On Clothes And Its Smooth Texture Will Make Application Very Easy. Whitening Agent Niacinamide Will Multiply The Whitening Effects. It Will Provide Moisture To Keep Skin Soft And Relieve Irritated Skin. Your Skin Will Look Most Natural And Brilliant Making You Look More Beautiful. Your Skin Will Look And Feel Brighter With Continued Use