Signature Care Collection Serum 32ml

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Product Overview

Ferulic Acid,Pure StableVitC30%,VitD3,Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen

*Improve the Overall Health of the Skin

*Skin Anti-Agening,Keep Skin Radiant,youthful&Glowing*Improving Immune Defences of the skin cells*Powerful Antioxidant*Decreasing the Harmful effects of Sun Exposure.*Anti-Wrinkles.*

How to use :

-Shake well before open the container.
-Apply twice daly (morning & evening )or has directed by your dermatologist after cleansing and toning
-Apply 4-5 drops to a dry face ,chest and neck before other anti-aging skincare products.
-Tap until it is absorbed.
-Avoid contact with eyes,In case of contact rinsethoroughly with clean water.
-For external use only.