Sewak 2+1 Unit Free

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اماكن بيع السواك,نقع السواك في الماء,أماكن بيع السواك,سواك للبيع,اين يباع السواك,كم سعر السواك في الصيدليه,تجربتي مع السواك,اين يباع السواك,نقع السواك في الماء,أفضل سواك

Product Overview

Miswak offer 2 tablets + 1 tablet for free

The use of coated miswak has become very important because of its many benefits for the teeth, and you can also use the packaged miswak because it is one of the best types of miswak due to the elaborate packaging from the factory and it is characterized by excellent quality. Just open it, wait a little while, and you can also buy it through the pharmacy com store to It has many through pharmacy com, which offers various health, medical and cosmetic products.

The benefits of Siwak Al Rayan

  • Gives the mouth a sweet and pleasant smell
  • Miswak is used to clean the teeth after eating or at any other time
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial
  • Strengthening the gums and fighting infections
  • Prevents deposits and calcifications