Rexsol C plus E Serum to minimize the appearance of first signs of aging 30 ml

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Product Overview

C Plus E SERUM Formulated With Pure Vitamin-C And Pure Vitamin E In Aloe Gel Base. Improves The Appearance Of Aging Skin Using Two Powerful Antioxidants.

This Remarkable Hydrating Gel Instantly Gives Your Skin A Silky, Smooth Texture. Moisturizes, Smoothes, Softens Fine, Dry Lines. Leaves Skin Smooth, Supple And Comfortable.

Helps Restore Skin's Natural Balance And Luminosity.

For All Skin

•    Rexol serum contains the goodness of vitamin C, vitamin E, and aloe vera

•    It does not dry the skin

•    It is lightweight on the skin

•    It heals the early signs of aging

•    The serum is infused with pure vitamin C and vitamin E

•    The antioxidants in the serum make the skin smooth and soft

•    It can be used by men and women of all age groups

•    The serum is advised to be used twice a day

•    The serum helps achieve glowing, moisturized skin

•    The serum instantly hydrates the skin

How to use:
•    Wash your hands before touching the product

•    Wash your face with a cleansing face wash that suits your skin type

•    The product is meant to be applied on bare skin before makeup

•    Take a coin size amount of the serum on your palm

•    To activate the product, rub it between your palms

•    Gently massage the product on your entire face and bring it down to your neck. Let your skin absorb the serum

•    Wait for the serum to be absorbed entirely

•    Continue with the makeup

•    The product can be removed easily by a mild makeup remover 

•    Apply the serum at night after cleansing your skin

Types. Enhances Skin's Youthful Appearance Promotes Smoother, Firmer Facial Features Leaves Skin Soft And Smooth Helps Minimize The Appearance Of First Signs Of Aging