Raios sunscreen spf 50 fresh orange spray 70 ml

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Product Overview

- Raius SPF 50 +/- Sunscreen SPF 50 +/- Suitable for face, body, children and first of its kind

- It can be used above / after makeup and before makeup

- Keep your hand clean without having to spread it on your skin with your hands

- Waterproof (ideal for swimming and athletes) and easy to remove with soap or skin lotion

- Suitable for sensitive skin and all skin types

- Helps smooth and moisturize skin because it contains hyaluronic acid, amino acids and Royal Jelly

- Economical, simple pressure is enough to protect a large part of the skin

- Free of alcohol, parabens and mineral oils

- The cover (Japanese technology) gradually changes to violet as an indicator of the power of the sun's rays