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Offer - Winter Package

It contains the most famous international brands that are essential for your skin in the winter season. At a special price:

  1. Qv Lotion for all skin types 500 gm: Moisturizer for all skin types, which is used by all family members to moisturize and combat dehydration
  2. OZ Naturals Vitamin C Serum 30 ml: Moisturizing lotion used for all skin types
  3. Cebelia Soap 150 gm: Which gives the skin deep cleansing and a super moisture with shea butter, sweet almond oil and essential skin nourishing ingredients
  4. Bioderma Atoderm Lip Balm 4g: This wonderful lip balm that gives the skin super protection as it is safe and does not cause allergies
  5. Eveline Nutri Honey nourishing hand balm 50ml- For the bag: Soothing and nourishing hand balm rich in honey , avocado oil and Shea butter  to guaranteed high level of nourishment to the skin
  6. Eucerin Advanced Repair Feel Foot Creme 85 ml : Cream contains 30% urea, which ensures weakening and softening of the feet
  7. Hello Proof Ointment 50 g is a multi-use ointment that is essential at home: Beta-Sitosterol and Propolis ointment which is distinguished from others brands  by its acceptable smell and its effectiveness, can be used for severe dehydration, skin ulcers, cracks in the skin, burns, skin inflammation

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