Precious Nature Hair Oil Prickly Pear & Orange 100ml

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Product Overview

Alfaparf Milano Precious Nature Long & Straight Hair Oil is an Italian professional salon quality hair product. The premium quality hair oil nourishes helps your hair resist humidity. The leave-in hair oil also detangles, gives a brilliant shine, and leaves hair soft and silky. The multipurpose Italian hair oil is especially made for enhancing long and straight hair. The lightweight oil will leave your hair reduces drying time, speeds up styling and will not weigh your hair down. The sulfate free hair oil is enriched with natural ingredients like Prickly Pear Oil, which is renowned for its emollient and disciplining actions. It leaves your hair soft and light. It also includes Orange Extract, which helps enhance radiance from roots to tips. The natural active ingredients prevent excessive frizz, reduce drying time, provide maximum protection from humidity, and moisturize and nourish hair.