Paper Mints Cool Caps Mouth Refresh 18 Caps Per Tube × 32 Tubes

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Product Overview

When You Are Away From Home All Day, Around Work Or Personal Needs, Often You Have No Way To Follow A Correct Oral Hygiene. It Happens, Then, That Because Of Food Residues Accumulated In The Mouth After A Meal, Of Foods Such As Garlic And Onion That Are Sometimes Difficult To Digest, Protein Diets, Alcohol, Smoking Or The Increasingly Common Gastric Diseases, You Can Suffer From Halitosis.

The Cool Caps Pearls Are The Answer Of PaperMints® And Sanico To Those Who Want To Get Rid Of This Annoying Problem Without Limitations Or Waivers. Specifically, These Are Small Capsules With A Strong Mint, Which Refresh The Breath In An Immediate And Lasting Way, Suitable For All People, As They Lack Sugar.

Compared To Common Mints, Which Guarantee Only A Momentary Effectiveness, The Innovative And Unique Technology Of PaperMints® Cool Caps Allows Them To Act Twice Against Halitosis: First The Outer Capsule Of The Pearl Melts On The Tongue, With An Effect Immediate, While The Inner One Goes Into The Stomach Thus Giving A Long Lasting Freshness.

The Small Size Of The Product: Just 5 Mm Make The Container (18 Caps) Not Bulky And Comfortable To Take With You Anywhere. Practices And Glamor In Their Test Tube Packaging, PaperMints® Cool Caps Can Be Used At Any Time Of The Day, Even When In A Hurry, To Have A Fresher And Lighter Breath In Seconds.