OZNaturals Pro-Retaxinol Faisal Serum - 30 ml

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OZNaturals سيروم,أوزناتشورال سيروم الوجه برو ريتاكسينول,سيروم دراجون بلود,سيروم فيتامين سي للوجه,سيروم فيتامين سي الجديد,بخاخ OZNaturals,سيروم فيتامين A للوجه

Product Overview

OzNatural Pro Retaxinol Face Serum - 30ml

You can now get a fresh, hydrated and radiant skin by using the OZNatural Facial Serum Pro Retaxinol, which makes the skin more youthful by removing fine lines, treating wrinkles and filling the spaces under the eyes, which makes you get fresh and hydrated skin. You can buy this serum for OzNatural company through Sidalih com Which provides all products related to skin, health and treatment as well.

Benefits of OZNatural Pro Retaxenol Face Serum

  • An anti-aging face serum that makes the skin more youthful.
  • It contains retinol, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, which makes the skin healthy and radiant.
  • A perfect choice for a youthful complexion and look.
  • Moisturizing the skin and making it more fresh.
  • Hide the white and thin lines.
  • Treating signs of aging.
  • Treat wrinkles and fill in the blanks.

How to use OZNatural Pro Retaxenol Face Serum

You can use the serum using the following steps:

  • Prepare and clean the skin by using a skin cleansing lotion.
  • Apply a layer of serum in an appropriate amount and distribute it with your fingers on the skin or the selected area.
  • Let the serum dry and it will dry quickly because it is fast absorbing.