Offer trichup Shampoo for All Hairs 400 ml - 3 Packs

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Product Overview

With the original Indian Trichup shampoo, you will get healthy, long and strong hair, as it is the best herbal shampoo, that prevents dryness of the scalp, and treats the problems of hair breakage and damage.

Benefits and Features:
1- It cleanses the scalp well and hair gently.
2- It works to enrich the hair roots with the main nutrients and works to remove toxins from the scalp.
3- It works to strengthen hair with vitamins and proteins.
4- Reduces hair loss and protects it from breakage.
5-Contributes to maintaining the natural moisture of the hair.
6- Home delivery service is available.
7- It works a miracle for you in extending hair.
8- It is the most oil you can imagine, and your hair lengthens to the dimension of your waist in a short and record time.
How to use:
Wash the hair with lukewarm water, then apply a wet shampoo to the hair and that foam, then rinse your hair, and to get satisfactory results and healthy and long hair, repeat this method at least once a week.