Offer Nair Hair Removal Cream (Rose Fragrance) 110 Gm*3

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Product Overview

  • An effective hair removal cream helps to maintain good hygiene for your body and skin 
  • Hairy parts of your body can get sweaty and infected easily, require frequent and extra care 
  • You don’t have to surrender to rough and itchy body hair anymore thanks to this effective Nair Hair Removal Cream With Baby Oil (Rose Fragrance) 110 ml 
  • This cream is ideal for smooth and hair-fee skin 
  • It offers an effective solution for stubborn body hair 
  • Its formula effectively removes hair from all parts and smoothen the outer layer of the skin 
  • Nair Hair Removal Cream is suitable to be used by any type of skin, and also has a special rose fragrance 
  • It offers a fuss free and painless hair removal 
  • Protects against everyday germs as it is composed of baby oil and keeps the body saturated, to prevent dryness further 
  • Using Nair Hair Removal Cream protects from these germs and helps keep your body and face to look clear 
  • The presence of oil helps activate the cells of the body.
  • Removes body hair and helps to get smooth skin effectively
  • Can be used frequently as per need
  • Equipped with a rose fragrance which makes it better for use
  • Being a hair remover with a baby oil setup; this gives it free flow and also rubs off upper dead skin by acting as a lotion
  • Helps smoothen the skin
  • Doesn’t cause any irritation
  • Baby oil helps prevent dryness

How to use:

Clean your hands before preparing to apply, and also avoid using the product if you’re profusely sweating
Apply a fair amount on the targeted area.
Smoothen the area so that the cream is properly and evenly spread
Let the cream rest for a few minutes, after which you can wipe it off using a tissue or simply wash with water and pat the area dry with a towel 

Caution & Warnings:
Keep it away from small children and pets
Absolutely not suitable to be used on children’s skin
Should be used by adults
Make sure that the hair removal cream is stored in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight
For external use only
The cream is only for private use and is not intended for medical or commercial purposes
Make sure that the cream isn’t overused on any surface of skin on your body