Offer Licid Anti Lice Shampoo 250 ml×3

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Product Overview

  • Natural oils (neem oil, lavender oil, and cinnamon oil) used to treat lice and its nits.
  • kills head lice and their eggs.
  • Natural oils free from insecticides.
  • Effective, safe and gentle on hair.

How to use Licid shampoo:

  • Wash the hair and the scalp with your regular shampoo, rinse it with water and then dry both hair and scalp.
  • Apply sufficient quantity of licid shampoo to the head of the scalp enough to all areas including behind the ears and on the nape of the neck.
  • Allow the shampoo to remain on the hair for 10 minutes, to exert its insecticidal effect on lice and eggs.
  • Add water and massage the hair until a foamy lather is formed.
  • Rinse with water and then dry hair using another clean towel.
  • Comb the hair using a personal fine-toothed comb to remove dead lice and their eggs.


Not suitable for babies below 2 years old.
Not suitable during pregnancy and lactation.