Offer JOHNSON’S Baby Cotton Wool 80g×3

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Product Overview

  • When a baby is born, their skin is at its most delicate. That’s why we perfected our formulas over 125 years so they’re now even more gentle for all.
  • JOHNSON’S Baby Cotton Wool are soft & gentle cotton wool pads specially designed for cleaning those delicate areas of the skin. 
  • Naturally absorbent with 100% pure cotton, JOHNSON’S Baby Cotton Wool make baby care and safer and easier.
  • These cotton pads maintain their shape and do not leave unwanted cotton fibres on your baby’s skin. They are great for kids and adults too.
  • Naturally absorbent with 100% pure cotton tips 
  • Soft & gentle for use on delicate skin 
  • Maintain shape without leaving unwanted fibres on skin
  • Perfect for baby. Perfect for you