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Product Overview

  • Beauty Jamies Hair And Nails Is The First Candy Vitamin To Increase The Length And Strength Of Hair And Beautify Your Skin At Once.
  • The Natural Strawberry Flavoring Method For Longer Hair, Stronger And Thicker.
  • Beauty Gums Hair And Nails Contains The Highest Proportion Of Biotin The Most Important Vitamin That Enters The Composition Of Hair And Nails To Get Longer Hair, Thicker And Stronger As Soon As Possible And Other Clinically Proven Ingredients To Support Hair Growth.
  • Includes Antioxidants Such As Vitamin C And E And Green Tea Extract To Protect Against Signs Of Premature Aging.
  • Beauty Jamies Hair And Nail Free Gelatin! These Amazing Vitamins Are Made From Pectin, Which Comes From The Fruit.
  • Beauty Jamies Hair And Nails Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, Beef-Free, Pork-Free, Egg-Free, Fish-Free, Peanut-Free!
  • Made In Slovenia Under The Supervision Of The FDA In The European Union.
  • 90% Of Users Noticed A Significant Improvement Over 3 Months Along Their Hair, Nails And Skin.
  • Beauty Jamies Hair And Nail Contains Half The Sugar Content Of Other Topical Sweeteners.
  • For Both Men And Women, For All Kinds Of Hair, That Means You!

 What Does Beauty Jamies Have?

Beauty Jamies Hair And  Nail Contains A Collection Of The Most Essential Natural Elements For The Strength Of Hair, Nails And Beauty Of The Skin:

Biotin: 500 Micrograms

Biotin Is The Most Important Group Of B Vitamins That Play A Vital Role In Cell Growth, The Generation Of Fatty Acids, Metabolism Of Amino Acids And Fats, As Well As Its Function Of Healthy Skin.

Also Known As Vitamin B7.
Biotin Is Known For Its Popularity In The Health And Beauty Of Skin, Hair And Nails. Enter In
Promote Growth, Strength And Hair Length.
Helps Strengthen Nails.
Improves Skin Health.
Protects Skin From Acne And Inflammation.

Caffeine Can Enhance The Beauty Of Skin And Hair As Well, How?

Treatment Of Dark Circles Under The Eye
Repair UV Damage
Makes Hair Easy To Control.
Improve Mood.
Improves Skin Health.
Stimulates Hair Growth.
Green Tea

Green Tea Contains A Number Of Properties That Help To Get Glowing Skin, Hair And Nails Stronger Thanks To Its Antioxidant And Anti-Inflammatory Properties.

Improves Skin Texture.
Anti-Aging Signs
Works To Tighten The Skin.
Make Nails Stronger.
Improves Gloss And Vitality Of Hair.
Promote Hair Growth.
Vitamin C

How Can Caffeine Enhance The Beauty Of Your Skin And Hair?

A Key Factor In The Formation Of Healthy Skin.
It Stimulates The Production Of Collagen And Protects The Skin From Harmful Factors Such As Pollution, Toxins And Free Radicals.
Prevents Premature Gray Hair
Promotes Hair Growth
Vitamin E

Vitamin E Is A Fat-Soluble Antioxidant. As An Antioxidant, Vitamin E Destroys Free Radicals That Damage The Skin, Hair And Nails. Vitamin E Has Many Benefits For Hair And Skin Nails, Such As

Fight Signs Of Premature Aging Of The Skin
Prevents Premature Graying
Reduces Dark Spots
Gives Hair Gloss And Vitality
Common Questions:

What Are The Expected Results Of Using Beauty Jamies Hair And Nail?

Longer And Stronger Hair Growth.

Nourishes The Hair From The Inside.
Bright, Tight, Wrinkle-Free Complexion.
Improve The Feel And Quality Of Hair.
Stop Pounding Hair.
Can Men Take Beauty Jamies Hair And Nails?
Certainly! Beauty Gummies Hair And Nails For Men, Women And All Kinds Of Hair.

Can Men Take Beauty Jamies Hair And Nails?
Certainly! Beauty Gummies Hair And Nails For Men, Women And All Kinds Of Hair

Will My Hair Fall If I Stop Taking Beauty Jamies Hair And Nails?
Your Hair Will Not Start To Fall When You Stop Taking Vitamins. Will Hair Grow All Over My Body?

Beauty Gums Hair And Nails Are Free Of Hormones And Therefore Will Not Make Hair Grow On Your Face Or Your Body.

Are There Any Side Effects?
Beauty Jamies Hair And Nails Have No Side Effects. However, It Is Best To Check The Ingredients To Make Sure You Are Not Allergic To Them.

I Can Not Take Biotin, Can I Still Take Beauty Jamies Hair And Nails?
Beauty Jamies Contains Hair And Nails On 500 Micrograms Of Biotin. If You Are Allergic To Biotin, We Recommend Contacting Your Doctor First

Can I Take Vitamins During Breastfeeding Or Pregnancy?
We Recommend That You Talk To Your Health Care Professional If You Are Pregnant Or Breastfeeding Before Taking The Beauty Jamies Hair And Nails, Because It Contains Caffeine And Green Tea Extract

How Many Hair Follicles Do You Need To Take?
We Recommend Eating Two Candy Bars Daily. You Can Take It Any Time Of The Day, Together Or Separately, With Or Without Food.

Daily Dose Is Not Recommended. Dietary Supplementation Is Not A Substitute For Integrated Diets And A Healthy Lifestyle.

Store In A Cool And Dry Place Out Of Reach Of Children, At A Temperature Below 25 ° C.

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