Offer Eucerin Intensive Hand Cream 5% Urea 75 ml+Spa Gel Gloves with Jojoba .Olive oil,Vitamin E & Rose Oil free

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Product Overview

This package contains two important products that guarantee powerful hydration for your hands:

1-Eucerin Urea Plus 5% Urea Hand Cream, enriched with Urea and Lactate, quickly soothes even the skin on very dry and irritated hands, or hands affected by eczema, by providing the deep moisturizing they need for a long time.

2- Gel gloves to moisturize the hands with jojoba oil, olive oil, and vitamin E that is characterized by:

Moisturizing and softening your hands
Washable and reusable
The gel is rich in natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, olive oil and vitamin E.
Exfoliates the hand and helps prevent the build-up of hard skin
How to use  :

1- Put a small amount of cream on your hand, then massage the cream on your hands until it is completely absorbed. Use the cream as needed. On a daily basis or when necessary

2- Wear gloves for an hour to ensure that you moisturize your hands with the jojoba oil and vitamin E they contain