Offer Eucerin Intensive Hand Cream 5% Urea 75 ml+ 2nd by 30 % Discount

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Product Overview

Hands Are Exposed To Cold Weather, Water, Soap, And Other Chemicals More Than The Rest Of The Body. This Makes The Barrier Function More Susceptible To Disturbance, Leading To Loss Of Hydration And Irritation Of The Skin. This May Cause Dehydration, Redness, Flaking, Itching And Irritability.

Eucerin Hand Creme 5% Urea Rich In Urea And Lactate To Quickly Soak Up Dry, Irritated Hands Or Hands With Eczema By Providing The Deep Moisturization You Need For A Long Time.

How To Use:

Put A Small Amount Of Cream On Your Hand, Then Massage The Cream On Your Hands Until It Is Fully Absorbed. Use The Cream As Needed.

The Ingredients:

Factors Of Urea, Lactate, Natural Moisturizing (NMFS).