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Product Overview

Eucerin Hand Cream Advanced Repair 78 gm

You can now get the best hand care cream from Eucerin, which is provided to repair the hands, as it has a formula that moisturizes and repairs very dry and itchy skin. Only one that is not greasy and helps calm the skin from irritation and redness, and you can get the wonderful hand cream through store, which contains many different medical and therapeutic products of the wonderful Eucerin brand presented for the best hand repair cream.

Eucerin hand cream benefits

  • Helps smooth and repair dry, rough hands without greasy
  • Hands and fingers Makes the skin of the hands noticeably smoother after just one use
  • Not greasy
  • Helps soothe dry skin associated with dermatological skin care and eczema

How to use Eucerin hand cream

  • Put a small amount of cream on your hand.
  • Then massage the cream onto your hands until it is completely absorbed
  • You can also use the cream as needed.