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Product Overview

Dettol Anti-Bacterial Bar Soap

Dettol Cool Bar Soap With Cripsy Menthol Fragrance And Dettol's Trusted Germ Protection Helps Skin Retain Its Moisture And Leaves Skin Feeling Healthy And Fresh

Dettol Bar Soap Is A Gentle Soap With A Fresh Fragrance. It Contains Antibacterial Agents That Provide Trusted Dettol Protection. It Cleanses And Protects Your Skin For A Hygienic Clean And A Healthy Refreshing Feeling Every Day. 

Available In Following Fragrances: Original, Daily Care, Fresh, Active, Cool, Re-Energize, Skincare, Sensitive, And Radiance.

How To Use:

Directed Soap From Cover And Wash Your Hands Thoroughly With Diamonds And Soap.

Warning And Cautions:

• Avoid Contact With Eyes.
• In Case Of Contact With Eyes Rinse With Plenty Of Water.
• If Swallowed/Ingested Seek Medical Advice Immediately And Show This Container Or Label.
• Use Only As Directed.


Sodium Balmat, Sodium, Palm Kernilat, Cosmetic Powder Talc, Aqua Glycerin, Hypertext Aromatic Sodium 16-14, Olefin Sulfonate, Laurel For Aktal Lactate, Tricklurban Sucrose, Kochoat, Saksil Cinnamal, Stearyl Bitatuat, Amudimethykon Sodium Ttrut, Ttrut Sodium Etidronate, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Stearyl Caprylate, Trajdisi 10, Limonene, Garanjol Alpha Iso Instance Ionone, Maid Roxa Propyl, Sichaelo Dextrins, Tirabuthel Acid Ammonium Bromide, Acetic Magnesium, Ascorbyl Phosphate, Naasinamad Methyl, Kloriso EDTA-Methyl, Asuthiazzolennon.