Offer Cute Natural Nila blue soap - aldalka alswdania- 700gm×3

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Product Overview

Helps to remove the darkening of the armpits, thighs and neck, remove black spots from the body.
Treating cracks in the skin and legs, eliminating dullness and psoriasis.
Extracts dirt from the skin relieves varicose veins.
Removes excess grease from the body, removes unpleasant odor from the body.
How to use: Take a small amount of soap. Massage the entire body with the fingertips. Remove soap from the body with lukewarm water

- Remover for the dead cells of the skin

How to use :

1- A quantity of soap is taken.
2- The entire body massages the fingertips.
3- The soap is removed from the body with lukewarm water and rubbed with Moroccan fiber well to remove dead cells.

Store in a cool dry place for external use only.