Offer Colgate Natural Extracts Pastes for Gum care 75 ml×3

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Product Overview

Colgate Toothpaste Natural Extracts Gum Care 75 ml

Colgate's best natural toothpaste for healthy gums and freshness, with ginseng and gentle mint extracts, maintains healthy gums and provides a refreshing experience with a pleasant mint flavour. It gives you healthy and fresh teeth.

You can also get this paste through store, which provides all health and personal care products, oral care, gums and teeth for various international brands, including the Colgate brand provided for this paste with the unique extracts of Colgate Company.

Benefits of Colgate gum paste

The best Colgate toothpaste on the feast contains the benefits that strengthen the teeth, and these benefits are:

  • Prevent the presence of plaque and remove dental tartar and accumulated dirt.
  • Preserve the beauty of your smile for a longer period.
  • Fighting decay, bacteria and fungi that cause foul odors in the mouth.
  • Feeding the teeth with the missing minerals that strengthen the teeth.
  • Teeth whitening, removal of deposits and prevention of their accumulation.
  • Freshness throughout the day thanks to the refreshing flavours.
  • Protecting the gums and the enamel of the gums in the mouth from swelling and infections.

How to use Colgate gum care

You can use the best Colgate toothpaste by following these steps:

  • You have to choose the right brush with the best Colgate toothpaste.
  • Rinse your mouth well
  • Then brush the teeth for two to three minutes.
  • Then rinse and rinse your mouth and leave it to air dry and you will feel fresh.
  • You have to brush your teeth with Colgate toothpaste 3 times a day.
  • Also, the toothbrush should be changed every 3 months.