Offer Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Toothpaste 120ml×3

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Product Overview

Colgate toothpaste normal great flavor 120 ml

You can now get clean and white teeth all the time by using the wonderful Colgate toothpaste that kills bacteria and germs and removes dirt from the smallest places and accumulated food residues that enter between the teeth, and you can get the best toothpaste from Colgate through Sidalih com store that offers various Dental care products for the most famous and major brands, including the Colgate brand, which provided this Colgate toothpaste for dental hygiene and fighting decay and germs.

benefits of colgate toothpaste

  • Clinically proven to strengthen teeth.
  • Restoration of weak areas in the tooth enamel layer.
  • Helps fight cavities
  • refreshes the soul
  • Repairs and strengthens teeth
  • It fights bacteria.
  • Removes stains and teeth pigmentation.
  • Remove dirt and food residues accumulated between the most accurate places of the teeth.

What do you know about tooth decay?

Tooth decay occurs due to problems that occur in the mouth, such as the acid produced by the natural bacteria in the mouth (the mouth naturally produces this acid to help digest food remains in the mouth, but this acid works to erode the enamel layer (the outer layer that protects the tooth), which leads to tooth decay. The occurrence of holes in the teeth, which is known as dental caries.

How to use Colgate red toothpaste

  • The right brush should be selected with Colgate Red Toothpaste.
  • Rinse the mouth well and then brush the teeth for two to three minutes.
  • Then rinse and rinse your mouth and leave it to air dry and you will feel fresh.
  • You have to brush your teeth with Colgate Red Toothpaste 3 times a day.
  • Dentists also recommend changing your toothbrush every 3 months.