Offer Avalon Urea and Lactic Acid Cream 100 ml×3

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Product Overview

It Provides Extra Benefits To Soften Your Dry Skin And Skin To Get The Vital Nutrients And Protection It Needs To Stay Hydrated And Healthy. The Special Combination With Lactic Acid Works To Soften The Skin, Allowing You To Give Healthy Skin And Give Full Protection To Your Shine. Excessive Allergies, Eczema, Dry Skin And Urea Cream With Lactic Acid Provides Additional Benefits To Soften Your Dry Skin With All Active Ingredients Working Together That Will Make Your Skin Get Vital Nutrients And The Protection It Needs To Stay Moist And Healthy Works To Relieve Dryness Of The Hay Remove Skin Peelings, Allowing Healthy Skin, With Full Protection For Skin Shine Avalon Cream Is Not Only More Efficient But Also Better For Your Skin

Active Ingredients:

Urea Cream And Lactic Acid Is An Effective Moisturizer For Thick, Very Dry Skin Such As Elbows, Knees And Thick Skin.

 How To Use :

Apply When Needed In Dry Areas