Offer ARS Liquid Refill 360 Hours×3

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0.2 Kg

Product Overview

Mosquitoes liquid killer lasts for 360 hours.
liquid refill without smell.
Composition of the liquid:

Active ingredient:

Prallethrin 0.666 w/v%.
Inert ingredient: 99.33%.

How to use:

Remove the bottle cap then insert the bottle into machine and turn clock-wise till bottle is tightly secured.
Plugin your ARS in upright position replace the empty liquid bottle with anew one.
Product features:

A bottle that lasts 360 hours or 8 hours/45 days.
Absolutely without smell.
Safe for all family members.
Harmless to health.
Suitable for large and small spaces.


keep out of reach of children and pets.
Do not cover the set with anything when it is not in use.
Do not expose the liquid bottle to direct sunlight.
If the set is not to be used for along time, remove the bottle and store with the cap closed tightly.