Offer 2× Eucerin UreaRepair Plus 5 % Urea Body Wash 400 ml

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Product Overview

Presentation of 2 boxes - Eucerin Urea Wash 5% Moisturizing Body Wash 400 ml

You can now maintain the body and treat dry skin by using Urea Repair Plus 5% Urea, 250 ml of Eucerin, which has many benefits thanks to its unique composition of Eucerin, and you can also get this lotion through Sidalih com store that contains Many beauty products of the brand Eucerin.

Benefits of Eucerin Urea Lotion 5%

  • The gentle formula effectively cleanses your skin, leaving it soft and smooth
  • Replenishes skin moisture without drying out the skin
  • Skin-friendly formula prevents skin irritation
  • A very gentle cleanser which makes it suitable for cleansing dry and very dry skin.
  • Deeply moisturizes and hydrates the skin.
  • Persistent use of skin cells renewed.
  • It works to exfoliate dead skin.