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Product Overview

  • It contains a mixture of active ingredients that have a stimulating and invigorating effect and give you a strong feeling of intimacy and warmth.
  • Pure My Sense Spray is a formula designed to give you stronger and warmer pleasure
  • Designed to suit the intimate area.
  • A special formula that contains (Methyl Nicotinite), which stimulates blood circulation in the intimate area of ​​a woman
  • Contains aloe vera extract that moisturizes the diet area and increases absorption of active substances

How to use :
Spray two to four times directly on the intimate area of ​​the woman five minutes before sexual intercourse or during intercourse Compatible with the condom

Product Benefits:
Pure My Sense Spray with natural ingredients gives you gentle hydration and a feeling of comfort and freshness for the intimate area


Before use, the product is placed on your arm to test for possible allergic reaction
Do not use the product if you suffer from an allergic reaction
Do not spray on wounds