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Oral B

Product Overview

Dental Floss Oral-B® Superfloss. Ideal For Braces, Bridges And Wide Spaces. Stiffened End To Floss Under Appliances. Spongy-Floss To Clean Around Appliances And In Wide Spaces. Regular Floss To Remove Plaque Under Gumline. 5 Pre-Cut Strands.

How To Use:

Directions For Use - Bridges, Braces, Implants And Wide Spaces: Using The Stiffened End, Thread The Spongy-Floss Between Teeth And Appliance Or Through Wide Spaces. Use A Soft Back-And-Forth Motion To Remove Bacterial Plaque. Pull The Spongy-Floss Through To The Regular Floss Section. Gently Slide The Regular Floss Under The Gumline. Use An Up-And-Down Motion To Remove Plaque. Regular Teeth: Gently Slide Regular Floss Between Teeth And Under The Gumline. Clean Under The Gumline As Directed Above.