Nuxe Men Deodorant 50 Ml

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Product Overview

Nuxe Roll On Deodorant

Now you can eliminate sweat and get rid of unpleasant odors from your clothes due to sweat by using NUXE Deodorant Roll-On is a unique blend of 100% natural silver powder that eliminates unpleasant odors and 100% alum powder that regulates sweating. It contains 96% of natural ingredients, as you can get it through store, which is one of the most famous and best stores selling medical, therapeutic and personal care products.

Features of Nuxe Roll On Deodorant

  • It has skin protection efficacy.
  • smells good
  • Long Lasting Deodorant - 24 hour protection, provides long lasting protection without leaving white traces.

Benefits of Nuxe Roll On Deodorant

  • Nuxe deodorant is alcohol-free and gives you long-lasting, stain-free protection that keeps you smelling fresh all day.
  • This deodorant softens and moisturizes the skin, leaving your armpits perfectly clean.
  • For all skin types, including sensitive skin and skin that has just been shaved.

Instructions for use

It is placed every morning on clean and dry armpits and used on a daily basis.