Mason Natural Collagen Beauty Cream - 60 ml+ Mason 100 %Natural Collagen Beauty Soap -100 gm free

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Product Overview

100% Natural Collagen Soap - 100 gm

Anti-aging moisturizing soap.
- It provides elasticity to the skin, which helps to have firm and youthful skin.
Made with 100% pure collagen.
Promotes firmer, firmer skin for a youthful look.
- A luxurious formula that hydrates the skin.

Mason Collagen Natural Beauty - 60 ml

Made using 100% pure collagen
Supports a firmer complexion for a youthful appearance
Luxurious skin conditioning formula
A high-quality anti-aging moisturizing cream infused with 100% pure collagen Mason's Beauty Collagen Cream offers skin elasticity that helps tighten skin and make it look youthful.

How to use

Apply it to a clean face, neck or body in the morning or evening.