MartiDerm Platinum Photo-Age Ampoules 10 in 2ml

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Product Overview

Formula With Proteoglycans And Vitamin C To Prevent And Treat The Signs Of Aging. Platium Photo-Age Gives For All Skin Types, Taking Antioxidant Effect In All Of Them.


Vitamin C :Antioxidant

Proteum 89 Plus : Hydrating And Firming

Antiradical Complex : Retinol, Tocopherol  

Vitamin F- Linoleic Acid  LA  And Alpha-Linoleic Acid  LNA - :  Nutritive  And Repair Complex

How To Use

  • Apply A Half-Ampoule Daily On The Face, Neck And Neckline;
  • Massage Slightly Until It Is Absorbed, On Clean And Dry Skin;