Lakme Hydrox 12 % - 90 ml

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Product Overview

Lakme Oxygen Small 12% (40Vol) 90 ml

Due to the intense search for the most important hair care products and the best types of dye, we provide you with a small hair oxygen that is not harmful to the scalp. It contains the best active ingredient extracted from natural betaine with moisturizing and conditioning properties that protect the hair and scalp, making it one of the best Lakme products. Reduces irritation caused by harsh pH levels.

You can get a small Lakme oxygen used in Lakme dyes through the pharmacy com store, which has many products of the Lakme brand that offer the best Lakme dyes in the best colors for hair and provide types of oxygen that are not harmful to the hair and scalp, including a small Lakme Oxygen.

Lakme oxygen benefits

  • Lakme Oxygen increases the intensity of the degree of coloring of the hair strands.
  • It goes into any of the various Lakme dyes.
  • It also shows the degree of fantasy colors immediately after entering the Lakme Oxygen.
  • Lakme Oxygen neutralizes unwanted hair color.
  • Free of PPD, it also contains soy protein, thus protecting the hair fibers during the dyeing process.
  • It also gives hair strength, better color, health and luster.
  • It gives the hair a uniform, consistent, long-lasting color.
  • It gives hair a high level of protection and protection.
  • Protects the color pigment from the harmful rays of the sun.