La Roch Posay Lipikar Stick AP 15 ml

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لاروش بوزية

Product Overview

Brief Information:

Deeply Moisturizes, Helps Reduce The Tension Of Your Skin.

Product Benefits:

It Is Suitable For Very Dry Skin.

Suitable For Atopic Skin And Sensitive Allergy.

Suitable For Infants, Children And Adults.

Contains Dried Shea Butter.

How To Use:

Apply As Needed As Needed.

Product Configuration:

BOTRIBIBOM BUTTER PARKI / SHEA BUTTER AQUA / Polyethylene Water Paraffin Liquor I / Mineral Hydrogenide Polycopotin GLYCERIN Copernicus Cerifera CERA / Hydrogenide Carboba Wax CCOO-Glyceride Glycerol Glyceryl Glyceryl PEG-30 Dipoly Hydroxysterate CERA Alba / Cedar Wax Citrill Coated Alcohol Campestris Oleifera Oils / SEED SEED SEED OIL OIL GLYCOL SORBITAN TRISTEARATE

Product Size: