krulig Amelan M 30ml

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Product Overview

-Acts at several levels of melanogenesis, by
-blocking the tyrosinase, the oxidation and
-the transport of melanocytes to the superficial
-layers of the epidermis.
-Inhibits biosynthesis of the melanin.
-Achieves the disappearance of the spots ina short period of time (two to three weeks)by reducing the intensity progressively.
-Produces embellishment of the skin in twoweeks.
-Is a powerful Anti-Aging.
-Produces a renewal of the surface layers ofthe skin with a light peeling effect.
-Has a lightening effect, taking it regressingto its original color.
-Can be used at all seasons (summer andwinter included).
-Allows direct sun exposure using sunblocks.
-Can be done normal outdoor life, at thebeach and countryside.

The use of AMELAN® M by Krulig should continue even after the disappearance of the spots to prevent recurrence,
as AMELAN® by Krulig prevents excessive melanin formation but not the tendency to develop the spots
The presence of mild redness in the face is not a complication.
It may occur when the patient applies the cream with intensity.
It is recommended to apply K-ALM by Krulig® refreshing gel as many times as necessary previously washing the face

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