Johnson Soap Bar Vita-Rich With Pomegranate Flower Extract 125 gm

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Product Overview

JOHNSON’S Vita-Rich Brightening Body Soap is a luxurious, unique bar soap that provides your dry skin with long-lasting moisturisation.
Infused with pomegranate flower extract and moisturising gylcerin, JOHNSON’S Vita-Rich Brightening Body Soap deeply moisturises your skin and keeps it comfortable for 24 hours.
JOHNSON’S Vita-Rich Brightening Body Soap is a rich, foamy formula infused with a sweet fragrance that leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft, revitalised and healthy.
For beautifully scented, healthy-looking skin that feels comfortable all day, use JOHNSON’s Vita-Rich Brightening Body Soap!• Formulated with the power of 24-hour comfort
• Rich and velvety formula for intense hydration
• Enriched with pomegranate flower extract and glycerinDeveloped with 100 years of expertise in caring for beautifully soft skin, JOHNSON'S Adult range of beauty products is perfect for all skin types.
From facial cleansing and moisturizers, to shower gels and body care, we help you invest in beautiful skin.
JOHNSON’S Adult offers an extensive skin care line-up that help you protect your skin in different seasons.Gently massage soap against your skin or lather against a washcloth, then rinse with warm water.
For external use only.
Keep out of reach of children.
Avoid contact with eyes.