Isis Pharma Neotone Body 100 Ml

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Product Overview

Isis Pharma NEOTONE Body Lotion 100ml is a skin whitening body milk, specially developed for localized areas of the body with brown spots, including sensitive areas like the armpits or the bikini line. The patented complex [DEPI-ACT®] offers a synergy of unique skin whitening actions. Thanks to its combination of 4 rigorously selected active ingredients, it acts at every stage of the formation of brown spots and imitates the natural mechanism responsible for the whiteness of the palms of the hand, to effectively remove brown spots. Glycolic acid + Salicylic acid: provide a superficial peeling effect that helps eliminate the pre-existing spots on the skin’s surface. Moisturizing agents, including Shea Butter: intensive skin moisturizing, strengthens the skin barrier.


Apply daily in the evening, on clean skin, on targeted areas of the body. Use an adapted solar protection on exposed areas for the durationg of the care. Avoid contact with eyes. This product contains AHA.