Image Skincare Vital C Serum 30 ml

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Product Overview


  • The Vital C range is designed for enviromentally-damaged,
  • sensitive and rosacea-prone skin with its use of natural botanicals and anti-oxidants.
  • I decided to start with the serum as it included Vitamins A, C and E to tackle
  • the first signs of ageing and also claims to help oily-skinned ladies like myself.
  • The product itself contains 20 per cent of Vitamin C in a highly stable,
  • oil soluble form which I believe is A GOOD THING.



  • Image recommends applying this every morning and evening before moisturising.
  • However, at €47 a bottle, I’ve just been applying this in the morning before
  • my SPF (daylight is meant to activate the Vitamin C) to make the bottle last a little bit longer.