Growenrgy 10 Drinkable Vials x 10 ml

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Product Overview

Be sure of your kids' growth and vitality
Growth with orange taste
Growenrgy kids drinkable vials product is an innovative food supplement product for specified for kids contains exclusively quina extract 7 mg, lyophilized royal jelly 150 mg,
vitamin c (l-ascorbic acid) 50 mg, glycerinated pollen extract 12 mg
In the lyophilization process of royal jelly; water which represents 60% of the royal jelly has been removed,
so lyophilized royal jelly is only the active ingredient without water, 
therefore 1ooo mg of lyophilized royal jelly is equivalent to 3000 mg of fresh royal jelly growenrgy contains 150 mg of lyophilized royal jelly is equivalent to 450 mg of fresh royal jelly
Forcenrgy & growenrgy products contain exclusively lyophilized royal jelly
the product has a very delicious orange taste
The box contains 10 drinkable vials of 10 ml.


quina extract helps to improve digestion and stimulates the appetite
supportive of children's growth and weight enhancer for weight-deficient kids
supports the immune system by triple mechanism; royal jelly, pollen grains and vitamin c
pollen grains are source for vitamins b1, b2, d, e, k,a, amino acids, fatty acids and lipids
Additional benefits:

Boosts energy, vitality and body strength
enhances mental functions and increases attention levels and mood stabilizer
powerful antioxidant improves skin and nourishes hair
improves blood circulation, bones formation and teeth
How to use:

Drink 1 vial daily.