Froika W-Plus Emollient Milk 200ml

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Product Overview

Emollient Moisturizing Calming Milk for daily skin care of very dry, atopic prone skin conditions that helps control inflammation and prevents moisture loss.
Its rich combination of essential fatty acids it contains, provides to skin exceptional hydration by eliminating dryness or atopia not only in the surface but also deep into the skin by restoring its cellular consistency.
It also strengthens the protective barrier of your body against water loss and any external irritating or allergic attack. It gives relief from itchiness.
 Milk is easily absorbed leaving a refreshing touch of rejuvenation.

How to use :
Apply W-Plus Milk twice a day on clean face or body by massaging gently
Recommended use of ω-Plus Wash for proper cleansing procedure before using emollient W-Plus Milk.