Filorga Time- Filler Eyes 15 ml

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Product Overview

Correcting Eye Wrinkle Cream. Eliminates Dark Circles. Works On Eyelashes. Works On Eye Eyelashes With A Complex That Strengthens Eyelashes, Fights Sagging Of The Upper Eyelids. Enhances Eyelashes. Resists Eyelashes And Circles Under The Eye Through The Latest Filler Structures That Fill The Empty Areas.

Relaxed features, smoothed eye area

Hyaluronic acid
Resurfacing active ingredient
Lifted eyelids and enhanced lashes

Lifting complex
Stimulating matrikine
Reduction of all types of under-eye concerns, such as hollows and dark circles

Filling Spheres
Plan Complex

How To Use

Lightly pat around the eye area, and don’t forget the upper eyelid.
Also apply to the base of the lashes.
Smooth from the inner corners toward the outer corner, paying particular attention to the crow’s feet.

Warnings And Precautions:

Enjoy A Wonderful View Once You Close Your Eyes, And Place The Eyelora On The Eyelid From Top To Bottom Until Reaching The Eyelash

The Ingredients

An Active Ingredient Similar To Botox Is A Plant Compound Mixed With Effective Peeling Agents, Making Dark Circles Disappear From The NCTF Compound