EmerginC multi-vitamin + retinol serum 30 ml

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Vitamin Serum Multivitamin With Retinol In Removing Wrinkles And Skin Freshness And Regeneration This Wonderful Serum Works To Remove The Effects Of Wrinkles And Delay The Signs Of Aging And Skin Rejuvenation Because It Contains A Distinctive Group Of Vitamins And Plant Extracts, Namely Vitamin C, Vitamin E And Vitamins B, Vitamins Important For Nourishing The Skin And Its Freshness And Delay The Signs Of Aging As It Contains Vitamin K To Improve The Blood Circulation In The Skin In Addition To The Extract Of Chamomile And Licorice And Tea, And All Are Working To Moisturize And Calm The Skin And Give It Freshness And Vitality. All This In Addition To Retinol (Vitamin A) Which Works To Regenerate Skin Cells From The Depth And Stimulate The Production Of Natural Collagen Inside The Skin. Emergence Serum Is Used On The Face Once A Day