Derma-E Skin Lighten Cream 56gm

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Product Overview

Derma E - Skin Lightening Cream 56gm

Derma-i skin lightening cream for the face is a cream rich in active substances that lighten the skin and remove spots. Derma-i skin whitening cream contains a powerful combination of vitamins and herbal extracts designed to lighten the skin. You can also buy this cream through store, which contains many skin-lightening products.

Features of Derma E cream for skin whitening

  • Reducing the appearance of age spots
  • Hide freckles and scars and also help lighten the skin.
  • Hide melanin and prevent its production in the body.
  • Alpha Arbutin extract helps lighten the skin safely and gently.
  • Derma E skin whitening cream is used on spots.
  • It opens the darker areas after using it twice a day from 4 to 6 weeks.


  • You must take into account the use of products suitable for skin type, whether dry, mixed or oily, and if the skin is sensitive or normal, because using a product that is not suitable for skin type may cause undesirable effects on the skin.