Compass Fresh Mints Menthol Extra Strong 50 Tablets

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0.2 Kg

Product Overview

  • sugar free
  • aspartame free
  • acesulfame K free
  • free of gluten and lactose
  • 100% natural essential oils
  • suitable for vegetarians
  • just 1 calorie per tablet

You need even more refreshment?

The absolute freshness kick as your best companion. Eucalyptus oil gets extracted from the Australian eucalyptus tree and is known for its refreshing effect. Eucalyptus oil was already used in former times because of its antiseptic qualities. It was also used for the disinfection of medical devices and the treatment of wounds. Today, in accordance with the Pharmacopoeia European, the dried leaves of oldereucalyptus trees and the essential oil obtained from fresh leaves and branch tips are used as herbal medicines.

The oil has a typically spicy smell with a hint of camphor and citrus. After felling Eucalyptus tree stumps will produce new growth.

Fun fact: eucalyptus is also known to be the koalas favourite dish!