Colgate Tooth Brushes Zigzag soft

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Product Overview

Colgate soft zigzag toothbrush

Deep cleaning of teeth has become easy and simple by using the Colgate Toothbrush Zigzag Soft with a soft tongue cleaner distinguished by its V-shaped bristles to clean between teeth and remove plaque with effective accuracy.

You can also get it without a large search due to its availability and many other products and dental tools through the pharmacy com store, which offers these products to major brands such as the Colgate brand that produces this brush at the best prices.

How to use a soft zigzag toothbrush

  • You must bring the brush.
  • Appropriate Colgate paste.
  • Hold the brush in your hand and start brushing from the upper jaw to the lower jaw.
  • You have to move the brush from the bottom up and make sure to brush all your teeth and incisors.
  • Then you should rinse your mouth well with water and then clean the brush.
  • Doctors recommend changing the brush every 3 months.