Colgate Tooth Brushes slim soft advanced soft 1+1 free

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Product Overview

Colgate Toothbrush Slim Soft Advanced Soft 1 + 1 Free

You can now use the best toothbrush from Colgate, Colgate-Toothbrush-Charcoal-Slim-Soft-1+1-Free, this soft brush with fine bristles. Dentists also recommend using the Colgate soft toothbrush because it is safe on the gums and can reach the most accurate places in the teeth To clean and bleach it.

You can also get this brush through the pharmacy com store, which contains many medical and therapeutic products for major brands, including the Colgate brand, which offers many oral and dental care products and tools and produces this brush (Colgate Slim Soft Advanced Soft Toothbrushes)

How to use a Slim Soft Advanced toothbrush

  • Hold the brush in a comfortable and secure manner.
  • You have to start brushing the upper jaw.
  • Move the brush from top to bottom.
  • Then move on to brushing the lower jaw while moving the brush from bottom to top.
  • Then you have to brush the teeth from the outside, then from the inside, then move to the incisors.
  • Then you should rinse your mouth well with water and then clean the brush.
  • You must change the brush every 3 months.