Colgate Tooth Brushes extra clean medium

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Product Overview

Colgate Toothbrush Extra Clean Medium

Colgate Tooth Brushes extra clean medium has strong, circular bristles to help remove tooth stains. The easy-to-grip toothbrush handle provides the comfort and control you seek during the deep cleaning you seek for your teeth from Colgate, plus a tongue cleaner with soft rubber bristles that gently removes bacteria.

You can also get this special toothbrush that has cleaning heads specially designed to reach and clean the back teeth through the pharmacy com store, which contains many medical and therapeutic products for the oral and dental Colgate brand.

Features of Extra Clean Toothbrush Medium

  • Get a bright and shiny smile.
  • It is characterized by soft rubber bristles that eliminate fungi and bacteria.
  • It contains cleaning heads designed for the front and back teeth.
  • Removal of the calcareous layer, yellow and pigmentation that resides on the teeth.
  • Helps clean and sterilize the mouth from parasites and bacteria and eliminate caries.

How to use a medium extra clean toothbrush

  • Bring a Colgate Extra Clean toothbrush and the appropriate Colgate toothpaste.
  • Then you have to hold the brush in your hand to start brushing from the upper jaw to the lower jaw.
  • After that, make sure to brush all your teeth and all the incisors in your mouth.
  • After making sure of brushing, rinse your mouth well with water and then clean the brush.
  • Doctors also recommend changing this brush every 3 months.